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Look, this is the deal. I unfortunatly have certain people that I can't let have access to this site. Because of that I need to have some idea of who you are. An email address and name is nice but it won't give you access alone. In all honesty I don't mind if you look at stuff, I just need to make sure that you're somewhat legit.
Just tell me how you stumbled onto my site. Was it from a link on another site? It may have been one of my friends so just let me know. Or if you know me from "afar" and are just curious then no problem. If I know you at all then I'll have no problem giving you access. And if you know someone who is a friend of mine then you're in.
Don't worry, I'm not giving away email addresses nor selling them nor even ever going to send you out anything. I'll be notified once you've done this and I'll send you out an email (to the given email address) with your username and password. Thanks!